TICA registered Sphynx Cats

We spay or neuter all cats before they go to their forever home.

We keep all kittens with mom for at least 12 weeks.

$500 Non Refundable deposit to reserve a kitten.

Standard Sphynx $2000
They are a medium-sized cats. They are very unique with hairless wrinkly skin and large ears. They have very playful personalities and love to interact with people.
Elf Sphynx $2500
They are a new rare breed which have a hairless body and curled ears. They are very sociable and love being around people as well as other animals.
Bambino Sphynx $3000
They have short legs, large ears, and are hairless. They are very affectionate. They might be small but have big personalities.
Dwelf Sphynx $3500
They are very new breed. They have a body of a Bambino and ears like an Elf and the classic hairless look of a Sphynx.

Sphynx Kitten Waitlist

Fill out form below to be put on our waitlist. We will contact you when we have kittens available.






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