We deal exclusively with the Kiko breed of goats. This breed is gaining popularity in America due to its fast growth rate and the hands-off kidding. We breed specifically to capture these traits along with parasite resistance.

We focus on registered and non-registered independently.

Registered – Our main sire (Sampson) has great lineage, with his father being Sesame’s Hotshot and grandfather being Heslington Sesame. He is 100% New Zealand, registered with the NKC, and has DNA lineage proof.

Unregistered – At this time, our unregistered does are only bread by our registered bucks. This ensures good genetics to target large kids and fast growth.

We are still very much in the growth phase of our heard, so we don’t have a lot of availability, but trust that we are very conscientious about our breeding program and the stock that is available is well cared for and great quality.


Below, you will find our available Kikos for sale.


Name: 14

Sire: Sampson

Dam: Peanut Butter

DOB: 06/06/2022

Registered: No

Price: $400

Description: Purebred Kiko Buck

Name: 10

Sire: Sampson

Dam: Whipped Cream

DOB: 05/25/2022

Registered: No

Price: $400

Description: This is a very nice young Purebred Kiko buck. Very friendly. Fast grower. Takes after his father. If he was registered I would surely keep him. If he goes more than a year without selling, I will likely just keep him to breed my unregistered herd.


No stock available.