Maremma sheepdogs are our breed of choice for protecting our livestock and property. Maremmas are hearty, independent, and have the natural instinct to protect.

One of our reasons for selecting Maremmas as our guardian breed is their disposition towards chickens. We needed a breed that could protect our goat heard as well as our chicken flock. This is not always an easy trait to find in dogs as chickens tend to be easy targets as “play toys”. Luckily, we have had success with Maremmas.

Our Maremmas are raised side-by-side with our Kiko goats and Chickens from about 4 weeks old. While training will need to continue through their first year as a juvenile, we get them started early to increase success.

Our Dams and Sires are %100 Maremma with DNA proof of lineage and registered with the MSCA. Your puppy will also be registered, implanted with an ID, and come with a complete set of veterinary paperwork.

Puppies are $1,500 each ($150 non-refundable deposit required).

Full registration for breeding purposes costs an additional $1,000. Contact for more details.

Litter of Eight (07-28-2022)

Dam -Eve

Sire – Adam


Green – SOLD



Pink – SOLD

Purple – SOLD



White – SOLD